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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Baz Fixings for roofing


         Prod. Code   Prod. Desc. D. d.  h.        
CP00404    D.25x13,5x6 25,0 6,0 13,5 (with stainless steel washer D.22)
CP00401    D.25x13,5x6 25,0 6,0 13,5 (without stainless steel washer)
Prod. code Prod. desc.
D. d. h.
CP00402 D.37xh16x6 37,0 6,0 16,0

Info on our Baz fixings for roofing


Tedeschi Gomma produces BAZ fixings for building roofs using a latest-generation horizontal injection press.

This press is able to carry out a very rapid molding and thus allows the production of high quantities in a short time.

Type of rubber for Baz production:

It is necessary to use very high quality EPDM rubber to ensure the best functionality, for its excellent weather resistance and to not generate infiltration . Tedeschi Gomma's Baz fixings have this essential feature.

Low-cost fixing caps are often found on the market: they are sold as EPDM but in reality they are thermoplastic material.

To understand if it is really EPDM or not it is enough to do this simple test: bring the flame of a lighter to the fixing cap, if it remains intact or tends to harden it is in EPDM rubber, if it tries to soften and deform it is in thermoplastic material.

Typical use and application procedure of Baz fixings for roofing:

Tedeschi Gomma’s Baz fixings have the function to fastening roofing, either in aluminium or in fibro-cement, by means of a screw which presses on a stainless steel washer.

The rubber part compensates for thermal expansion of the aluminum as a result of changes in weather and avoid infiltration of water.

It performs a compensating function on fibro-cement coverings due to hygroscopic material which varies in volume depending on the percentage of humidity in the air.



The tightening must be moderate, the sealing element must be slightly flattened and the screw immobilized in rotation


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