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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Gaskets and seals for electrical engines

Rubber items for electrical engines

Tedeschi Gomma produces items in rubber for electrical engines.  Rubber items used for these applications are: SAND COVER GASKETS, NOISE RESISTANCE FOR BEARINGS and CUSTOM PRODUCTS

The sand cover gaskets produced by Tedeschi Gomma are applied at the shaft of the electrical engines, between the cooling fan and the back cover of the engine. This to prevent the dust aspirated by the fan finishes inside the engine, damaging the bearing which by consequence leads to more serious failures.

The noise reistance for bearings produced by Tedeschi Gomma are used to absorb the vibration generated by the rotation of the rotor of the electrical engines and transmitted to the heap, which generates noise. Using  the Silent Protection Bearings you interrupt the transmission chain of the vibration and the electrical engine becomes more silent. This characteristic makes it possible to position the electrical engine within areas where human being is present, without compromise on the silence of the environment.

The noise resistance for bearings require at the design phase a specific definition of location  of where to be placed.

The custom products applied at electrical engines, are cable bushings, plugs, membranes and cable glands.


Rubber items used for this application:

Sand Cover Gasket Noise resistance for bearings Custom products


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